Day 2: Celebrate Friendships

This is Day 2 of the writing prompts on Sue at Sizzling Toward 60 & Beyond’s advent calendar.  Today we are to examine and celebrate friendships, and come up with small ways to connect with our friends.

While I have pared down on social engagements, friendship are still an important part of my life.  I have two friends who have moved from Michigan to Texas, many friends from my yoga class and Iliana’s special needs activities, and online friends whom I have met through blogging.

First, here are some ways that I connect with my friends:

 1.  Through Texting

While I am no longer on Facebook, I do connect with a number of friends through text.  The nature of the interactions varies from friend to friend.  I have a couple of friends where we will share random thoughts, a few days a week.  With other friends, it has been more down-to-business.  Texting is great for keeping in touch with the friends that I would like to see more, but it hasn’t been feasible in our schedule.

2.  Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

The coffee (or wine!) date is a wonderful thing.  I could write a whole blog post on this topic.  It can be as long or as short as you want it, and there are no hurt feelings if you have to cut it short one day.  Getting together for coffee has been the backbone of most of my friendships.

There was the friend who asked me to coffee as a peace gesture, after she had set a (very necessary, in hindsight) boundary with me.

There was the friend who asked me to coffee “or something stronger” after she saw that I was having a horrible day at work.  She ended up being a strong ally last year.

There have been the coffee and lunch dates with my friend who recently moved here from Michigan, where we catch up amidst the craziness.

 3.  In the Moment Conversations

I have had more intimate conversations with friends in the parking lot after yoga class, or even while we are still in the studio.  Some of the most needed interactions seem to happen impromptu.

4.  The Marina Wine Evening

Sometimes I will be walking back from the bath house, and a neighbor will invite us over to share a glass of wine.  Usually pizza is ordered, or a cheese tray appears.  And then I go out for more wine.  Our marina friends come and go, so our interactions are always in the moment.

My Friendship Goals

So how would I like to improve my friendships in the new year?  Here are some goals that I have:

  1.  Meet up with all of my close friends at least once a month.
  2. Respond to texts within 24 hours.
  3. Do more to foster community within the marina (ie setting up a bonfire).
  4. Reconnect with my special needs parent friends.
  5. Possibly re-establish a Facebook account, being very selective with people I add as friends.

So Now It’s Your Turn

How do you plan to reconnect with your friends during and after the holidays?


14 thoughts on “Day 2: Celebrate Friendships”

  1. Most of my friendships are long distance ones and we keep connected through emails. I do have my knitting friends in a monthly knitting circle and I consider those friendships in development. Being somewhat house bound due to a husband with disabilities, it can be hard. You have a great plan it seems.


  2. Hi Bethany, I’m so pleased you are joining in the fun of My 25 day countdown to a happy Christmas. Thank you also for the mention. I like your idea of friendship goals which I’ve never really considered before. You have given me something to think about. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the lead up to Christmas. x

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  3. Tomorrow is sewing group, Wed my sister comes for a visit, Thurs I meet a friend at the mall for a walk and coffee and Saturday our Support group meets for their annual (new to us) Christmas get together. I’ll have friends over Christmas eve to join my daughter and me and the next day my sister comes with her family. it’s quieter than usual but I’m not as energetic as in previous years. I like it quiet now. Life is simpler at this stage of life. I remember those earlier years and they were fun. This is good too.


  4. Hi Bethany I loved reading how you keep contact with friends. I’ve been thinking about goals for 2019, but hadn’t given friendship goals a thought. One of those goals will be
    being the one to make the first move and. It waiting for others to invite me first as I usually do. I caught up with a group of my specu friends last night. It made me realise how important friendship is #MLSTL Shared on SM


  5. Hi Bethany – I loved how you’ve taken Sue’s prompt and shared some of your life with us. I have coffee date friends, blogging friends, email friends, FB friends – each has a special place in my heart and a certain amount of investment of time and energy. It’s the toxic friendships that I’ve been culling over time that have had the biggest positive impact on my life – not keeping people around who are negative nellies makes a huge difference!
    MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂


  6. My closest friend passed away this year, so it really hit home for me how important it is to make time for our friends whether in person or online. I agree with you that the coffee date is a wonderful thing, as are those spontaneous conversations that happen in parking lots or hallways. Love it! #MLSTL


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