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Here We Go Again!


At 10:00 this morning, I divorced Facebook.

I will go into my reasons why at a later date, but I had expected the absence of social media to create a lovely void, one that could be filled with positivity and purpose.  Instead, I was met with just a void.

I was tired, lacking direction, still peeking over at my laptop, as I tried to get motivated to clean our “house” (pictured above).  I cleaned out my email inbox, and excitedly checked, everytime a new message appeared.  Somehow, it lacked the excitement of Messenger and its “woop-ding!” notification sound.

Before I had left Facebook, I had notified the friends and family I wished to stay in touch with, and many of them said they would miss seeing my photos.  I had planned on doing an email mailing list, when my husband suggested that I write a blog once again.

I had written a semi-successful minimalist blog, Our Journey to Ithaca, for four years.  It had been a great experience for me, and I had found a lot of joy in writing and connecting with the minimalist blogging community.  But as the friends I had connected with began to end their blogs, it seemed that the time was right for me to wrap mine up as well.

And now the time seems right for me to jump back in.

So Who Are We?

We are the Rosselit family, the crew of the m/v Loco Lobo, the Chris Craft Commander 47 that we call home.  We have lived aboard for nearly 4 years, and we have lived in the comfort of our floating mobile home for almost 1 year.  Our cat, Popcorn, joins us on the boat and likes to board other vessels in the marina, especially if cat food, catnip, or other treats are provided.

Here is a little about the 3 of us…


My name is Bethany, although my husband calls me “Frog” and sometimes “Pirate.”  I love vintage recipes, thrift store shopping, yoga, and Weight Watchers….and wine!  I taught special education for 15 years, but took leave from my job back in March.  I plan on substitute teaching in the fall.  The shedding of my identity as a teacher has been an unusual but kind of exciting experience!


This is Miss Iliana, the self-appointed captain of Loco Lobo.  Iliana is 11 and has done it all!  She has been a flyer on a special needs competitive cheer team, a princess in the Miss Amazing beauty pageant, and a bronze medalist in Special Olympics track and field.  Iliana owns a boat of her own: an Opti sailboat.  She attends sailing camp every summer.


I asked Iliana what she would like me to include in this post, and she wanted me to mention that she is raising money to pay for a trip to Washington, D.C. with her fifth grade class next year.  Ili will have the opportunity to fly there with her class and chaperones (not me!), stay in a hotel room with other kids, and visit a lot of historical sites, which she is very excited about.  If you would like to help Ili fund her trip, she is selling Puffin Pastries in the Houston/Galveston area.  Please contact me, using the form, if you are interested in buying some.  She also has a Go Fund Me site.

I should also mention that Iliana has autism, but that is not the most interesting or most important thing about her.


This handsome devil is none other than my husband, Rob.  Yes, that mustache is real, and yes, he spends more time primping in the morning than I do!  And yes, that is a penny farthing!  Rob is the harbor master of the marina where we live, and he can be seen riding his bike to the food trucks, running an amazing 5k time, and walking the docks.  He is so dedicated to his marina that he didn’t let a little water deter him from his duties, during Hurricane Harvey!


So Welcome Aboard!

This is an old-fashioned lifestyle blog, plain and simple.  I will be sharing our stories, recipes, thoughts, or whatever else comes to mind.  I am not out to monetize.  I am hoping to build a small community, a positive corner of the Internet, where we can all share stories and support one another.  This is my writing, in my voice, without regard for SEO or increasing page views.

I will not be posting on a schedule.  I will share whenever something comes to mind.  I plan to enable email subscriptions as my next task, so feel free to subscribe if you would like to see our updates in your inbox!

I look forward to sharing our adventures with all of you!


16 thoughts on “Here We Go Again!”

  1. It’s so good to see you on the internet again, Bethany. I’m so glad you’re continuing to write and put yourself out there. So good to see all your happy faces again.

    I can relate with cutting off some of the social media even blogging. I’ve considered shutting my site down after 10 years but something keeps telling me to stay.

    Best of luck with your daughter’s fundraising and trip to D.C. My grandson’s class had that trip and he absolutely loved it.


    1. Welcome aboard! ❤ I don't think we were in touch when I wrote my first blog. It started as a blog about making home made food, decluttering, and sailing. It ended with us somewhat-spontaneously loading up our Volvo station wagon and moving to Houston to live on a boat! It will be interesting to see where this leads… 😉


  2. Simplicity is the best way to go with everything. Sounds like all the changes you are making are working for you. I rarely go to one Facebook page that has my family and regularly visit my writing friends on the other. Very little time is needed for either. I don’t have a schedule for blogging either. Life doesn’t work that way for me. I post if there is something to say. You have quite the interesting life here. I remember you writing about your boat. How fun that must be in it’s difference and similarities to conventional housing. I’ll hope to see you again. That’s been the hard part for me. Keeping up with the reading.


    1. I agree, Marlene. I have learned to be intentional with my friendships, and I suspect that will translate to blogging friends as well. I want to keep in touch with my community, but I will have to choose which blogs to follow. You are an old friend, so I have already re-followed yours! I think there will be an ebb and flow to blogging, just like before. Probably more at first. My next post will be about our current boat. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s a pleasure to meet you Bethany. I can tell from the big smile on each of your faces that all of you are as happy as can be and your lifestyle is well suited for you. Carry on mate


  4. I’m with you on “not monetizing the blog” and “not scheduling posts”, Bethany. Looking forward to read your upcoming posts!

    By the way, Iliana’s adorable! I love that she has accomplished so much at such a young age. Ah-mazing!


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